If I want to visit and will have to fly in, what is the nearest airport?

The closest airport is Norfolk International, approximately 20-25 minutes away. Newport News/
Williamsburg International Airport is also nearby.

How do I get to your location?

The Surplus and Scrap Sales office is located at the intersection of 63rd and Warwick Blvd, conveniently located just off Interstate 664 South (exit 5).

Do we have a complete listing of material on sale?

Detailed lists are posted on the Surplus Sales main page. Bids must be received by the date indicated in order to be considered

Do we load material?

We have a forklift available and can load your vehicle when it is here for pick up.

Are pictures of material available?

Yes. Digital pictures of material will be provided where practical. These can be accessed when viewing the material description.

Are certificates available on metal products?


Do we have the manuals for machinery items?

We do occasionally receive the manuals for machinery when they are sent to our group of disposition.

Do we sell to individuals?

No. NNS sells only to companies that are licensed (i.e. have a business license) in the state in which they reside.

Do we sell to NNS employees?

No. Company policy prevents the selling of material to NNS employees.

Do we make donations?

Yes. NNS will make donations to organizations which are exempt from federal income tax and are eligible to receive gifts that are deductable by the donor as charitable, educational, or scientific under IRS Code 501 (c)(3). Organizations seeking donations should contact the following:
Newport News Shipbuilding
Attention: Community Relations
4101 Washington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Development

The Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Development Department is dedicated to developing a healthy supply base to support Newport News Shipbuilding planned and emergent shipbuilding needs in support of our customer, the US Navy. We do this by utilizing continuous improvement tools with the supply base to improve quality, increase capacity, and encourage lean manufacturing and front office processes, compress lead times, and lower acquisition costs.
Strategic Sourcing is responsible for managing market intelligence and research activities as well as developing forecasting tools to identify the most pressing supply base concerns and risks. We also identify potential financial, capability, and capacity constraints within the supply base. Finally, we watch for critical industry and economic trends that could impact the supply base as well as NNS.


Provide sourcing solutions, marketplace intelligence and supplier development through critical strategic analysis, an agile approach and visionary leadership.

Our Objectives:

  • Building bridges and relationships
  • Finding innovative solutions
  • Improving quality, cost, schedule, delivery, safety
  • Satisfying our customers
  • Protecting material availability in the future

Our tool sets and experienced subject matter experts assist the supplier by administering the following programs:

Existing Suppliers

If your company has previously conducted business with us and is looking to reestablish your relationship with our buying offices, discuss your company’s new products or services, introduce your company’s new representative or discuss upcoming NNS opportunities to bid, please complete this form.
Return the completed form with your supplier number AND any marketing material, line card, capabilities sheet, etc. to [email protected].
Depending on the nature of your business, you may receive an additional form to complete to list your facility information, machinery and welding qualifications and capabilities and quality management certifications.

NOTE: Model Based Disclosures (VWI and PDF+JT) are released with intended contractual dimensions. The vendor may use the native measurement tools from the relevant CAD rendering program to obtain additional measurements, however, measurements obtained in this manner are for Information Purposes Only.

Visual Work Instruction (VWI)

SAP provides a useful reference on its measurement tool for Visual Enterprise Viewer (VEV) which covers measurements, delta measurements, repositioning, cross sections and modification of global measurement settings. This reference can be found within SAP’s documentation here.


Siemens provides a useful reference on its measurement tool for JT2Go version 12.3 on its documentation site. Topics covered include measurement of single parts, distances and angles, approximations, and preferences. This reference can be accessed here.

Visual Work Instruction (VWI)

A Visual Work Instruction (VWI) is a CAD Model based representation of technical instructions and product manufacturing information. Outsourced VWIs are intended for use as walkthroughs of the relevant details for the scope of work. This is accomplished through presentation of a product’s build/assembly sequence and design intent.
VWIs are created using the SAP Visual Enterprise.RH file format and are used across both Carrier (CVN) and Submarine (VCS/VPM) programs at Newport News Shipbuilding.
Visit our How to Download section for the direct link to the software needed to render VWIs through SAP’s free Visual Enterprise Viewer (VEV) program.

Siemens PSD+JT

PDF+JT is a 3D file format similar in form and function to an ISO standard 3D PDF. PDF+JTs are created by our program partner, Electric Boat, and used to convey technical product information in both a PDF and CAD model based format. These documents are assembled with relevant product manufacturing information (PMI) similar to paper based drawings with the additional benefit of embedded lightweight .JT model files for use as a visual aid.

PDF+JTs are created through use of Siemens software and are used for the Columbia (CLB) and Virginia Payload Module (VPM) programs at both Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding.
Visit our How to Download section for the direct link to the software needed to render PDF+JT files through Siemens free JT2Go program.

Image 2
Image 1

Please use the following form to notify us of any issues with the tools used. If it can be addressed by our technical support team, we would be happy to help.
Issues related to content will continue to be addressed via a Vendor Information Request (VIR) with your PO Coordinator and/or Buyer. However, please feel free to use the following form to notify us of the nature of your content issue. A list of issue types is given within the Issue Type dropdown for the form.

For efficient rendering of 3D model deliverables, it is recommended that your machine have as a minimum a dedicated graphics card and 8 to 16 GB of RAM.
The chart below offers two examples of adequate configurations that would handle the model based disclosures. Note, the brands utilized are for reference only and are not set recommendations.

Technical Desktop (i.e. HP Z240)

Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel Xeon E3 (4 Core)
Storage: HP Z Turbo 512 GB SSD
Graphics Card: 4 GB VRM, NVIDIA Quadro K2200

Technical Desktop (i.e. HP Zbook 17 G3)

Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-471-MQ CPU
Storage: HP Z Turbo 512 GB SSD
Graphics Card: 4 GB VRAM, NVIDIA Quadro K3100M

Rendering Software Downloads

Visual Work Instruction (VWI)
Method to open: Use SAP VEV, which can be downloaded here from the SAP site.

Method to open: Use JT2Go which is standard software and can be downloaded here. A vendor has the option to open the JT Links in a PDF (that opens in Adobe) by rerouting to JT2Go.

Information and links on the Supplier Technical Document page are provided to help our suppliers navigate the sometimes complex and challenging technical requirements associated with supplying material and components to Newport News Shipbuilding. Suppliers will find references, guides, contact, and submittal information below.
Please click on this link to contact NNS Supplier Quality.

By clicking on the Technical References and Guides links below, you will find:

  • Checklists to assist in submitting documents of the highest quality
  • Access to tools for developing procedures
  • Approved material specifications for use
  • Approved suppliers for certain controlled materials
  • Permanent material marking codes
  • Casting foundries with in-house machining capability


  • Source Inspection Requests
  • Approved CuNi Foundries
  • Approved Butt Weld/Socket Weld Fittings Suppliers
  • Approved Forging Suppliers
  • Approved Level 1 Fastener Suppliers
  • Approved Level 1 Suppliers


  • PO Permanent Marking Materia Codes

Shock testing

  • NAVSEAINST 9491.1D NAVSEA Approved MIL-S-901 Shock Test Facilities(Forward questions to the NAVSEA POC listed)


  • NAVWELD Brochure
  • Navy Approved Drawing Submittal Guide


  • Welder’s Visual Inspection Handbook
  • 48-hour Notification of Test Assemblies
    (4.2.1 NAVSEA Tech Pub S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248)

Acceptable Submittal Methods

  • SPARS (Shipbuilding Partners & Suppliers)
  • Mail or package courier to:
    Newport News Shipbuilding
    4101 Washington Ave.
    Newport News, VA 23607
    Attn: O52 Software Coordinator
    Bldg. 902-2

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