HII Showcases Advanced ISR, AI/ML and Unmanned Capabilities for Special Operations Leaders

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HII showcased the company’s advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and unmanned/autonomous capabilities for the special operations community at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC 2022).

HII highlighted solutions that will provide enhanced situational awareness and intelligence analysis for Special Operations for both counterterrorism operations and potential conflicts against near-peer adversaries.

“The Special Operations community is seeking to use, influence and shape intelligence, and HII is prepared to provide the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that deliver multi-lingual search, understanding of a population sentiment, and help to identify false narratives while delivering results at near-real time," said Steven Moore, director of Artificial Intelligence Solutions at HII’s Mission Technologies division.

HII also featured the company’s unique capabilities in unmanned and autonomous platforms which are critical to the future of special operations missions.

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Vice Adm. Collin Green, deputy commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, views a demonstration of HII artificial intelligence platforms that distill and curate the most meaningful data for near real time missions.

HII demonstrations at SOFIC included:

Tactical Edge Sensing and Process

HII’s Nano Cricket technology brings modular, open, high performance computer hardware to the tactical edge, enabling the rapid collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of tactical data.

AI-Powered Analytics

Ranked as a top 10 federal AI contractor, HII’s AI platforms are market leading analytics solutions designed for enterprise scale and can distill massive data sets to extract the most meaningful information at near real time.

Unmanned Systems

HII is a world leading unmanned systems company with advanced autonomy capabilities for unmanned surface vessels, unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Odyssey, a Suite of Advanced Autonomy Solutions for Platforms in All Domains

HII launched Odyssey™, a suite of advanced autonomy solutions that can turn any vehicle or ship in any domain into an intelligent, robotic platform. Odyssey capabilities include multi-vehicle collaborative autonomy, autonomous health monitoring, sensor fusion and perception.


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