Each division of HII accepts referrals for all positions. Some positions at Newport News Shipbuilding have been identified as referral bonus eligible. This is designed to reward current employees for referring qualified candidates to target positions for which the referred candidate is hired.

Referral Details By Company


All NNS employees are eligible to submit referrals for all open positions and are encouraged to do so.

At this time we are offering referral bonus monetary awards to current NNS employees that refer candidates for the following hard to fill targeted positions:

Professional Jobs
  • Computer Systems Security Analyst 2 & 3 – $1000
  • Electrical Engineer 1 & 2 – $1000
  • Electromechanical Engineer 2 – $1000
  • Engineer 3, 4 & 5 – $2000
  • Engineer 1 (ABET required positions) – $1000
  • Import/Export Administrator 2 & 3 & 4 – $500
  • IT Software Engineer 3 – $2000
  • IT Software Engineer 4 & 5 – $3000
  • Mechanical Engineer 2 – $1000
  • Supply Chain Specialist 2 & 3 – $500
  • Siemens IT – $5000
  • Software Engineer 2 – $1000
  • Structural Engineer 2 – $1000
  • Subcontractor Admin 2 & 3 – $500
  • Systems Administrator 3 – $2000
  • Systems Administrator 4 – $3000
  • Systems Engineer 2 – $1000
  • Systems Engineer 3 – $2000
  • Systems Engineer 4 & 5 – $3000
  • Trades/Crafts Jobs

NNS continues to offer $1,000 cash bonus awards to current NNS employees who refer trades candidates that are hired. Referrals must be submitted through the internal employee Careers site signing in with their MyHR ID. Employees will be required to submit a copy of their referral’s resume, this is a system requirement. Both the referral and job seeker’s application must be submitted before the job posting deadline.

Eligible trainee, entry-level and experienced trades positions include:

  • Blasters, Insulators and Marine Painters (X33)
  • Deck Electricians (X31)
  • Fitters (X11)
  • Machinists (X43)
  • Pipe Fitters (X42)
  • Riggers (X36)
  • Sheet Metal Workers (X32)
  • Welders (X18)

To submit a referral please follow the guidelines and procedures listed below:

  • Step 1: Sign into the HII internal Careers site (under Newport News Shipbuilding) using your MyHR login information:
  • Step 2: Once logged in, select Corporate Apps, then select HII-Recruiting-SF
  • Step 3: Select Careers from the drop-down menu
  • Step 4: Search for the job/position who are referring someone for
  • Step 5: Once the job/position is found, Select Action – Refer Friend to Job (all fields are required, including attaching copy of your referral’s resume, this is a system requirement)

Have the qualified candidate/referral apply to the opening while the position is still posted and advertised online. Referrals cannot be submitted once a position is no longer posted.
If you are unable to log into MyHR, you may send an e-mail to [email protected] Your e-mail must include:

Your full name and department (no nicknames)

  • Full name of candidate you are referring
  • Position referred to (job title and Req number)
  • Please note if you send your referral by e-mail, you will not be able to track the progress of your referral.

Cash bonus awards will be paid after the referred employee starts work with NNS. Failure to comply with the guidelines provided may negatively impact your ability to receive your reward. Please Note: If the candidate was already in our job applicant system at the time the referral was made, the referral bonus will not be honored.


All HII employees are eligible for this program with the exception of the following:

  • Managers or individuals involved in the hiring process or hiring decision of the job seeker
  • Summer hires, interns, casual employees, and other temporary employees
  • Employees whose referrals were identified through their participation in recruiting programs, e.g., job fairs, college recruiting events, etc.
  • Employees who work within any HII Human Resources department (not eligible for cash bonus awards)
  • Employees that are specifically prohibited from participation in the Employee Referral Program as a result of any labor agreements, or other such circumstances
  • Employees in bonus-eligible programs
  • Referrals of temporary agency or contract employees who worked for HII within the past 12 month
  • Referrals of former employees who worked for HII within the last 12 months
  • Referrals of current employees of HII in any capacity (including consultants and contractors)

The Employee Referral Program is for active HII employees and may be changed or terminated at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of Human Resources. Human Resources reserves the right to administer and interpret the Employee Referral Program at its discretion.

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