HII Features Platforms, People, Technologies in “Delivering the Advantage” Campaign

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Photo caption: A new HII targeted advertising campaign showcases the breadth of HII’s platforms, technologies and solutions across domains and services, in support of HII’s mission to deliver the advantage to its national defense customers.

ARLINGTON, Va. (Nov. 2, 2023) — Which U.S. defense company is:

  • The sole designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers?
  • The largest data platform provider for the U.S. Army?
  • The largest supplier of surface combat ships to the U.S. Navy?
  • The largest producer of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)?
  • The leading provider of live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training for the U.S. military?
  • The employer of more than 44,000 workers across 39 states, and the largest industrial employer in both Virginia and Mississippi?

The answer is HII (NYSE: HII), and a new targeted advertising campaign showcases the breadth of HII’s platforms, technologies and solutions across domains and services, in support of HII’s mission to deliver the advantage to its national defense customers.

Timed to honor Veteran’s Day and National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month in November, the display ad campaign at the Pentagon Metro station just outside Washington, D.C. features examples of HII’s leading role as U.S. military shipbuilder, and expert in unmanned systems, cyber and electronic warfare, ISR, artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced synthetic training.

“HII is dedicated to meeting the dynamic requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense and our international allies,” HII President and CEO Chris Kastner said. “Across our divisions, the HII team is committed to delivering the platforms and technologies — from Flight III destroyers to C5ISR and LVC solutions — that create the advantage for our customers as they protect peace and freedom around the world.”

Paying tribute to HII employees who perform this work, the ads prominently feature named members of HII’s committed, diverse and highly skilled workforce in 39 states, as examples of talent who have selected HII for their career pathway at an innovative, growing, mission-driven company.

Among the employees featured in the advertisements are:

Fatina Brave

Ingalls Shipbuilding

A 12-year employee at HII and veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Fatina is responsible for deploying talent acquisition strategies, policies and programs to strengthen Ingalls Shipbuilding’s capabilities and ensure the shipyard has the talent to meet current and future business needs.

“It’s a privilege for Ingalls to build ships in service of our country and to continue our 85-year legacy of delivering ships to the Navy that protect and defend our freedoms,” she said. “I feel a great sense of commitment to my work and the opportunity to provide others with a mission-purpose career that instills a sense of pride for our nation.”

Nicole Chatman-Nietzel

Mission Technologies

A five-year employee at HII, Nicole plays a crucial role as a program manager at the Vertical Launching System Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Information Analysis Center (AIC) in Syracuse, New York. Her work centers on the redesign for obsolescence and the creation of new mission-critical electronics for the Naval Surface Warfare Centers.

“I’m passionate about supporting the warfighter, and this sentiment permeates our team’s culture,” Nicole said. “HII enables us to collaborate closely with the U.S. Navy. There’s great satisfaction in being aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer, witnessing a system we’ve developed and knowing we gave our best to ensure its effectiveness and reliability for our servicemen and women.”

Chad Ward

Newport News Shipbuilding

A five-year employee at HII, Chad is a shipwright foreman, currently supporting the construction of Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers Enterprise (CVN 80) and Doris Miller (CVN 81) at Newport News Shipbuilding.

“Bringing a massive aircraft carrier to life requires the dedication and service of our entire team,” he said. “I’m honored to be part of HII, and to play a role in delivering these critical ships to the U.S. Navy, enabling sailors to protect our freedom at home and around the world.”

About HII

HII is a global, all-domain defense provider. HII’s mission is to deliver the world’s most powerful ships and all-domain solutions in service of the nation, creating the advantage for our customers to protect peace and freedom around the world. As the nation’s largest military shipbuilder, and with a more than 135-year history of advancing U.S. national security, HII delivers critical capabilities extending from ships to unmanned systems, cyber, ISR, AI/ML and synthetic training. Headquartered in Virginia, HII’s workforce is 44,000 strong. For more information, visit:

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