Newport News Responsible Supply Chain Management

“While there is always change in a business as large and diverse as shipbuilding,
one thing that will never change is our commitment to doing business the right
way. Below are the key areas of responsibility we expect of our suppliers.”

Ethics & Integrity

NNS expects the highest standard of ethical conduct in all suppliers’ endeavors. We expect our suppliers to abide by the laws, regulations, policies and procedures that apply wherever our suppliers operate. As part of an overall ethical program, suppliers are also encouraged to be active in their communities. Also, remember gratuities should not be offered.

Health & Safety

Suppliers shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations associated with the health and safety of their employees and community. Suppliers should have a program or mechanism in place to enforce and monitor compliance with health and safety requirements including, occupational safety, emergency preparedness and occupational injury and illness. Also, when in NNS facilities, suppliers shall follow all health and safety requirements required by NNS.


NNS values its people and expects the same of its suppliers. Worker’s human rights must be maintained. Suppliers must abide by all laws and regulations regarding the treatment and anti-discrimination of their workers. Environment Suppliers must adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Policies and procedures must be in place to protect the air, water and land at the supplier’s facilities and their community. Suppliers contracted to perform work on NNS premises must follow all NNS Environmental Health and Safety requirements.


Security is paramount in all aspects of doing business with NNS. Suppliers should have processes/programs in place to protect all technical, NOFORN, NNPI, personnel and other sensitive data. When visiting NNS, suppliers must abide by all NNS access requirements. 

Business Interactions

NNS suppliers must be aware of and adhere to all contractual requirements. Suppliers should flow down all applicable requirements and appropriately monitor their subtier suppliers. Suppliers should meet or exceed all quality requirements of the contract. U.S. Navy ships must perform at the utmost efficiency to enable sailors to do their best.

What can you do?

  • Review and understand all NNS Subcontract/Purchase order requirements.
  • Abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Conduct all business in an ethical manner.
  • Ensure all tiers of the supply chain understand contractual responsibilities related to the subcontract/Purchase Order.
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