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We look forward to joining customers and industry partners for ModSim World 2024 in Booth #8

Check out our demonstrations and a video of our innovative applications. See how we are using modeling and simulation technologies to put the future of work at your fingertips.

For more than 20 years, HII has supported the U.S. Navy with training solutions, including the nation’s largest LVC enterprise, the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE)

HII Demonstrations


Lockout Tagout Trainer
Streamlines and digitizes lock-out tag-out training and provides immediate feedback on both the quizzing and mechanical interactions. Walks the trainee through the process steps to gain familiarity with the equipment used.


Virtual Bridge
Simulates what it is like to walk on the bridge and flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Demonstrates spatial awareness and immersive participation on a rendering of the ship’s bridge and deck by placing them in Virtual Reality (VR) and allowing them to freely move about.


Special Nuclear Material Procedural Trainer
Trains the learner on the stacking and unstacking process for the special nuclear material facility. Before the application was developed the only way to perform training was to stop work to allow trainees to handle the physical equipment under supervision.


Hazard Recognition Trainer
Provides an accurate presentation of an environmental work environment to identify safety hazards, learn how to effectively handle hazardous encounters and improve environmental awareness.

Learn more how HII is preparing warfighters for any situation with our advanced LVC solutions.

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