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Aoy Russel Sand Jr. Overall Apprentice Of The Year

Russell Sand Jr.,
Overall Apprentice of the Year

Aoy Malcom Hubbard Instructor Of The Year Rh March 12, 2024

Malcolm Hubbard
Coatings & Paint
Instructor of the Year

Ingalls Apprentices of the Year

Aoy Austin Cochran

Austin Cochran


Aoy Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins

Quality Inspector 

Aoy Larry Copeland

Larry Copeland


Aoy Nicole Elkins

Nicole Elkins


Aoy Christopher Hanser

Kristopher Hanser


Aoy Robert L. Ownby

Robert Ownby


Aoy Katelyn Quilling

Katelyn Quilling

Quality Inspector

Aoy Michael Sims

Michael Sims


*Not pictured: Tracy Kelton Pipefitter and Victoria Ibarra Outside Machinist

SHIP Awards

Aoy Angel Martinez Citizenship Award

Angel Martinez


Aoy Dallas Cassady Scholarship Award

Dallas Cassady


Aoy Jared Pelaez Leadership Award

Jared Pelaez


Aoy Shelita Witherspoon Craftsmenship Award

Shelita Witherspoon


Ingalls Apprentice School Graduates

Evelyn Adams, Welder

Christopher Andrews, Rigger

La’Miracle Applewhite, Pipewelder

Daniel Arreola Sanchez, Welder

Cameron Barnes, Welder

Nicholas Botter, Pipewelder

Justin Brosh, Quality Assurance

Dylan Brown, Electrical

Dallas Cassady, Sheetmetal

Amanda Church, Electrical

Davin “Taylor” Clark, Quality Assurance

Austin Cochran, Pipewelder

Curtis Collins, Electrical

Shawn Collins, Quality Inspector

Lashunta Cook, Welder

Larry Copeland, Shipfitter

Stephen Cox, Electrical

Alice Croff, Electrical

Clarence Dallas Jr., Welder

Kodi Dangerfield, Rigger

Yolanda De Leon Carvajal, Welder

Malik Dennis, Welder

Tristan Dixon, Electrical

Sophia Dixon, Carpenter

William Driver, Shipfitter

Nicole Elkins, Sheetmetal

Bianca Elkins Willey, Sheetmetal

Ladarius Fuller, Quality Assurance

Brandy Fulton, Pipewelder

Gideon Gaffney, Pipewelder

Syhann Garcia, Electrical

Jeremiah Gardner, Welder

Jaylen Glaude, Rigger

Jarod Green, Shipfitter

Sebastian Greene, Shipfitter

Tanner Groves, Pipewelder

Kristopher Hanser, Electrical

William Hardison, Electrical

Na’Im Harper, Electrical

Matthew Harris, Electrical

John Hillhouse, III, Electrical

Courtney Hoisington, Quality Assurance

Daulton Holliday, Electrical

Victoria Ibarra, Outside Machinist

Ingrid Johnson, Sheetmetal

Joshua Johnson, Pipewelder

Parker Jones, Electrical

Tracy Kelton, Pipefitter

Trenton Lomax, Welder

Angel Martinez, Welder

Mariela Martinez, Shipfitter

Latoni Mccovery, Welder

Marcus McCulloch, Electrical

Preston McLaughlin, Electrical

Tikisha Mitchell, Pipewelder

Alaisa Morgan, Welder

Gabriel Negron, Electrical

Carl Odom, Sheetmetal

Robert Ownby, Welder

Jared Pelaez, Quality Inspector

Katelyn Quilling, Quality Assurance

Daniel Rando, Electrical

Jeffery Redding, Rigger

Madelynn Rich Shaw, Pipewelder

Joseph Richey, Pipewelder

Benjamin Roberts, Quality Assurance

Reycarlos Rodriguez, Electrical

Jose Roman-Sanchez, Welder

Russell Sand Jr., Rigger

Andrew Scott, Electrical

Shanteria Shoemate, Welder

Shereye Simmons, Electrical

Jamar Simms, Welder

Michael Sims, Carpenter

Cameron Stanovich, Quality Assurance

Kristin Staup, Electrical

Amber Steinmetz, Electrical

John Sublett, Quality Assurance

Michael Tagert, Electrical

Corey Tate Jr., Electrical

Matthew Taylor, Welder

Shawn Thorpe, Pipewelder

Tyler Turek, Sheetmetal

Murray Turner II, Electrical

James Vercher Jr, Electrical

Tyler Vining, Sheetmetal

Harold Wanton, Outside Machinist

Joshua White, Electrical

Jeffrey Whitfield, Electrical

Kaleb Wilkinson, Pipewelder

Bayete Williams, Electrical

Lucas Williams, Electrical

Renell Williams, Electrical

Thomas Williams, Electrical

John Willis, Electrical

Shelita Witherspoon, Electrical

Dezaray Wood, Pipewelder

Alex Zirlott, Electrical

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Enrollment for Ingalls Apprentice School is competitive and students work full-time while learning their trade through classes and on-the-job training. 


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