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HII is committed to delivering capabilities of exceptional quality and safety to our customers, and to the safety, health, welfare and development of our employees. We are also committed to maintaining and strengthening a diverse and inclusive workforce and culture that provides a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers. It is a culture that drives continuous improvement and transformation of our communities while meeting the expectations of our shareholders.

HII’s motto of “Hard Stuff Done Right” speaks to the challenging and complex challenges we tackle inside and outside the walls of the office and shipyard. These words also convey our unwavering commitment to tackling these challenges well and ethically. Doing the right thing includes being a responsible corporation focused on operating in a manner that considers all of our stakeholders, and is consistent with our values.


Integrity is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


We value our employees above all else and will not compromise on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for them.


We value people, knowing we must show fairness and equal treatment for all.


We are committed to fostering an engaged workforce. Our employees are very involved in what they do and take ownership of their work and work processes.


We keep promises and commitments made to others. We are responsible for ensuring quality is a component of everything we do. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service.


We are committed to improving our company performance while upholding our strong values. Superior performance and quality ensure future trust and confidence in our products and services. We promote continuous improvement, innovation and creativity.

Mission and

HII is committed to its employees, customers, and shareholders. HII’s values include integrity, safety, respect, engagement, responsibility and performance. These values are the foundation of HII’s ethical culture that inspires employees to do the right thing each day, regardless of the circumstances.

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Our history

Our original name, Huntington Ingalls Industries, honors the long-standing legacies of our two shipbuilding divisions: Newport News Shipbuilding and Ingalls Shipbuilding. HII is the nation’s largest military shipbuilder. While we continue to build the finest ships at sea, we are also expanding into growth technology markets such as unmanned systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, synthetic training, cyber and electronic warfare, and C5ISR.

Our Future:
Enterprise Transformation

HII continues to transform the ways it does business by integrating digital technologies throughout the enterprise. Affecting the full breadth of our workforce – from our skilled craft employees, engineers, designers, accountants, cybersecurity experts and more – HII’s digital transformation efforts reach all areas of business. On the production line, Integrated Digital Shipbuilding (iDS) leverages cutting-edge digital tools to implement model-based systems engineering. The processes create digital efficiencies for deckplate employees in assembling the world’s most complex ships.

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Satellite: GALAXY 17 (91 degrees west)      

Transponder: Ku Digital 10 – Ch.C (9 Mhz)

Downlink Frequency: 11904.5 

Downlink Polarity: Vertical

FEC: 2/3

Symbol Rate: 7.5

DVBS2, 8PSK TRANSMISSION, 4:2:0, 1080i

Window: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. EST on Saturday, Nov. 19

Note: The six minute video that begins the ceremonial keel laying for Arkansas (SSN 800) includes copyrighted materials from HII/Newport News Shipbuilding and others.

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