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Twenty years ago, Hull superintendent Dianna Genton was fresh out of college with a degree in ocean engineering, excited for the next chapter of her life.

With a love of being on the water, a vision to craft ships and her father’s legacy as a Navy veteran, Ingalls was the perfect match for her.  

“I have been an avid boater my whole life, growing up in South Florida,” said Genton. “Ships have always fascinated me since they are basically small floating cities and engineering marvels.”

Genton was hired in 2003 as a naval architect in Research & Development, which eventually became the Advanced Concept Group (ACG). She focused on the development of the composite deckhouse, leading to numerous tech projects and instilling a passion for production. 

“I was the interface between production and the engineering side of the house, making sure everything was integrated seamlessly,” she said.

As Genton’s career at Ingalls continued to advance, General Manufacturing director Lance Carnahan recognized leadership qualities in her and asked her to become superintendent of the panel line. 

Intimidated at first not coming from a craft background, Genton realized this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I have made a career of getting out of my comfort zone and accepting new challenges,” said Genton. “Lance felt comfortable and confident in my ability that I would figure it out and here I am.”

Now the Hull superintendent of NSC 10 Calhoun (WMSL 759), Genton is helping craft ships and works each day on the waterfront, just as she always dreamed. In addition to hard work and a desire to grow, Genton encourages shipbuilders to find ways to pursue their goals and build strong relationships with other shipbuilders. 

“Get engaged and when it’s time for you to get the ball, run with it and make a name for yourself,” she said.

Genton got her ball 20 years ago and has been finding different ways to score wins for the Ingalls team ever since. 

“I’m really thankful for the shipbuilders who put my dad on a capable ship,” said Genton. “I wake up every day, excited to return the favor, building mission-ready ships that will get other sailors home safe.”

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