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Jose Paniagua

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When Jose Paniagua, general foreman, electrical, came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in 2009, he had one goal in mind: establishing a good-paying job so he could bring his wife and two children over to join him. 

Having received electrical training prior, Paniagua started at the company’s Avondale, La. location in 2010, pulling cable before working his way to the Tests and Trials team. In 2013, he moved over to Ingalls in Pascagoula as an electrician, working his way up through different jobs on multiple ships. 

“On each ship, I’ve had a different position,” he explained. “On LPD 23, I was pulling cable. On LPD 25, I was in tests and trials. I was lead man on LPD 26, and then a foreman on LPD 27. Now, on LPD 28, I am a general foreman.” 

Through strong leadership and guidance, Paniagua now helps other electricians find a path to grow their careers.

“Whatever you do, do it with dedication and tenacity. The company can give you all the tools and opportunities but you have to put the work in,” he said. “Everything you do today matters. Be proud of what you do and the product that you build. Show that by doing quality work the first time and being safe while you do it.”

In addition to finding a career at Ingalls, Paniagua has also found a community as a board member for Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance (HOLA), giving him the opportunity to help connect other shipbuilders with resources.

With more than 500 job titles to choose from, you can build your own journey. The possibilities are limitless. Ask your supervisor or contact HR for job openings, trainings and growth opportunities, or visit HII’s Careers page to see the available openings. 


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