Ingalls Spotlight | Chasity Creer, procurement analyst, reflects on 25 years with Ingalls

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When Chasity Creer graduated college, she was ready for dollar signs, eager for the next chapter in her life. Little did she know, Chasity would find much more than that landing a job at Ingalls. 

“Just like every college student, I wanted to make good money immediately,” said Chasity. “Here’s the thing, I got here in 1999 and I’m still here. That’s how much I enjoy coming to work and making a difference.”

After graduating from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, the Pascagoula native got into the Electrical apprenticeship program to further her education. Finishing in the top 10 percent of the program, she started her career in the Quality & Engineering department. 

“I worked there for six and a half years and eventually made my way to Supply Chain Management,” she recalled. “I knew this is where I needed to be and I’ve been here ever since.”

In her role as a procurement analyst, Chasity deals with sculpt drawings, requisitioning and communicating with a variety of shipbuilders through different departments. 

“I love helping people and solving problems in the shipyard,” said Chasity. “And when I’m looking for material, I also get to meet great people along the way towards resolving the issue.” 

Everyone who knows Chasity calls her a team player. She knows working together leads to the bigger picture of Ingalls’ purpose. 

“I’m more than willing to place myself anywhere I can to help the company reach their goals,” said Chasity. “I enjoy going the extra mile to help somebody and solving something to benefit others.” 

In her 25 years with Ingalls, Chasity has continuously spread her shipyard wisdom to others, passing on her knowledge to help set others up for success. 

Being a part of something much bigger than herself is the reason Chasity faithfully continues to show up to work. She understands the magnitude of her role and respects every shipbuilder who walks through the gates.

“Knowing we play a part in building something that protects us, America, will always be fascinating to me,” said Chasity. “Our names are tied to the finished product that protects all of us. When those ships sail off, it’s humbling to know we did everything in our power to provide vessels for those service members.”

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