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We look forward to joining customers and industry partners for I/ITSEC 2023 in Booth #849! Check out our demonstrations and how we are Preparing Warfighters for Any Situation.

Train Like You Fight

HII’s Live, Virtual, Constructive Solutions team creates realistic live and synthetic training environments that provide real-world mission rehearsal support, enabling warfighters to train as they fight. Watch the video and learn more about our LVC solutions

For more than 20 years, HII has supported the U.S. Navy with training solutions, including the nation’s largest LVC enterprise, the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE)

Mt Leadership 400x500 Website Goodman

“LVC is critical to generating warfighting capability in a high-end threat environment. At HII, we are excited to highlight a number LVC solutions at this year’s I/ITSEC event that can be customized to fit our customers’ training needs.”

Glenn Goodman
President, LVC Solutions
HII Mission Technologies

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Hear from our software expert!

Brian Roder, HII software engineer and co-author of “Warfighter Readiness: Virtual Training on Demand,” will participate in a panel session from 10:30 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29 in Room OCCC: W307D.

Watch our product demo based on the presentation in Navy Booth #349.

HII Demonstrations

Iitsec 23 Jtt

Joint Training Tool (JTT) and Joint Live Virtual Constructive (JLVC) Modernization
Demonstrates web-based collection of training event capabilities and services developed for the Joint Staff J-7, along with updated integrated training technologies to support the high-end fight. Learn more.

Iitsec 23 Mumt

Manned-Unmanned Teaming System /
Fire Control Radar (MUM-T/FCR)
MUM-T interactively simulates unmanned aerial system payload and sensor operations with live AH-64 aircraft. Fire Control Radar Off-Aircraft Test Set (FCR-OATS) enables testing, when AH-64 FCR is not installed on the aircraft.

Iitsec 23 Dmo

LVC Distributed Mission Operations (DMO)
Integrates Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) with the U.S. Air Force’s primary scenario generation tool, Next Generation Threat System (NGTS), to demonstrate HII’s capability to provide an integrated, interoperable, enterprise Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) DMO training system.

Iitsec 23 Xr

Extended Reality (XR) Training
Two simulation-driven head-mounted display capabilities developed at HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding division: ObserVR provides accurate representations of shipboard work environments to identify safety hazards and improve environmental awareness; Governor assists learners to perform maintenance on 688-class submarines.

Iitsec 23 Immersive

Immersive Maintenance & Operator Trainers
Developed for Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), these trainers offer an interactive virtual training environment in which learners practice operational and maintenance skills on Combat System Operational Sequencing (CSOS) and Machinery Control Systems (MCS) found on DDG-, LHD 1-, LHD 8- and LCS-class ships.

Iitsec 23 Medusa

Multi-Exercise Data Utilization for Situational Awareness (MEDUSA) / Simulator Hyper-Quantum Event Analysis Resource Keeper (SHARC)
MEDUSA enables cross-exercise analytics for training and live range exercises in a distributed simulation and/or range environment. SHARC supports planning at the combatant command level and above for operational exercise and training.

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