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Always Good Ships

Newport News Shipbuilding has for more than 135 years built ships that have served the nation in peace and war, in times of adversity and in times of abundance. The legacy of “Always Good Ships,” includes the design, construction, overhaul and repair of more than 800 ships for the U.S. Navy and commercial customers.

Nuclear-Powered Submarine Silhouette

Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Aicraft Carrier Silhouette

Large Deck Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers


Integrated Digital Shipbuilding


Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH)


Jennifer Boykin

President, Newport News Shipbuilding and Executive Vice President, HII

Jennifer Boykin is president of Newport News Shipbuilding and executive vice president of HII in Newport News, Virginia. Named to this position in 2017, she is the 20th person and the first woman to serve as president of the Newport News shipyard, which was founded in 1886 and has approximately $4 billion in annual revenues.

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