Additional resources are provided to assist suppliers in completing their purchase orders according to Ingalls Shipbuilding standards. To ensure a smooth flow of both materials and services to Ingalls, suppliers are strongly encouraged to review these documents to ensure that they are in compliance.

Accounts Payable

Please note invoices must be sent via mail; as emailed or faxed invoices are not accepted.


Two copies of invoices are required for submittal and must show the following: 1) the Ingalls Purchase Order number, 2) your Ingalls assigned supplier number and 3) the item number being shipped or billed

Mailing address:

Huntington Ingalls Incorporated
Ingalls Shipbuilding division
P.O. Box 149
Attention: Accounts Payable
Pascagoula, MS. 39568-0149

Fax number: 228-933-9134


If you have a change to your remit address or banking information, please submit, on company letterhead, the new information to [email protected]. If additional information or paperwork is required, you will be contacted by an Ingalls representative. Please note the remit address submitted must match the remit address on the invoice.

Traffic Office


  • 228-935-3131
  • 228-935-7656


Shipping Instructions: Ingalls Shipping Information Shipping/Routing Guidelines: Pascagoula  


  • Cameras
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Pets
Ingalls Shipbuilding is not permitted to hold the above mentioned items for the driver. Should the driver have any of the prohibited items, they will not be permitted on company property. Disposition of restricted items needs to be completed by the driver before entry to any Ingalls Shipbuilding facility.
  • Drivers MUST be U.S. citizens

Purchase Order References

Upon signing a purchase order (PO), the supplier agrees to all of the terms and conditions detailed by Ingalls Shipbuilding. These details may include, but are not limited to, appendicies and notes. Additionally, suppliers may be required to complete supplemental forms prior to issuance of purchase order. These documents can be found at our Ingalls Material Acquisition Forms site, check regularly for version updates.

For additional questions concerning supplier form requirements, please contact your Ingalls Shipbuilding Material Acquisition representative.

Technical Document

Ingalls Shipbuilding understands the complexity associated with our procurement requirements and the challenges suppliers face with those requirements. Information and links are provided below to aid suppliers with providing the required material and components to Ingalls Shipbuilding. All Ingalls Shipbuilding reference notes, specifications and technical documents can be viewed at our Ingalls Material Acquisition form site.  


Huntington Ingalls Incorporated
Ingalls Shipbuilding Division
1000 Access Road
Pascagoula, MS 39567
Attn: Material Acquisition (or the designated Supply Chain Representative)

Environmental, Health & Safety Requirements

Ingalls Shipbuilding is committed to providing a safe environment for all persons visiting or working at Ingalls. All suppliers engaged to perform services, at any Ingalls Shipbuilding facility, are required to meet minimum safety standards, prior to contract award, as defined in the Environmental, Health & Safety Instructions and General Operating Rules for Contractors and Subcontractors and are expected to maintain those standards for the duration of service performance.

Additionally, suppliers are expected to have effective safety programs, that will be reviewed by Ingalls EH&S organization, with monitoring processes established to assure compliance with all applicable laws, governing regulations, and manufacturing site specifications that are applicable to contracted work performance.

The Environmental, Health & Safety Handbook and Contractor Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program was developed to assist potential and existing contractors in these areas. The instructions are intended for general guidance only and does not negate or substitute the responsibility of the contractor or subcontractor to have a managed Environmental, Health & Safety program.

Visiting Ingalls Shipbuilding

Kari Wilkinson Delivers Remarks
It is our mission to provide a secure workplace and to achieve that goal requires a team effort. All site safety precautions, guidelines and restrictions are to be followed by all individuals visiting or working at Ingalls Shipbuilding facilities.

All visitors to Ingalls Shipbuilding require an employee host who will ensure all site requirements are communicated before any scheduled visit.
All visitors to Ingalls Shipbuilding require an employee host who will ensure all site requirements are communicated before any scheduled visit.

Using the link below, you can view or download our current form regarding security policies and procedures that must be followed to work at any Ingalls Shipbuilding facility.


Director of Security – (228) 935-0539
Site Security Manager – (228) 935-7378
Facility Security Officer – (228) 935-4960
Visitor Control Center – (228) 935-3442/2591
Security Operations – (228) 935-5120


Safety: 228-935-2100

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Conflict Minerals

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 22, 2012 adopted conflict minerals regulations (the “Rule”) in support of Section 1502 the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, including 13(p) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The Rule requires public companies to disclose the use of conflict minerals contained in their products. Specifically, the Rule is meant to identify and reduce the utilization of conflict mineral sourcing operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) region that did fund or may reasonably be believed to have funded armed conflict in the DRC and adjoining countries. Through the public disclosure requirement, industry will bring greater public awareness of the source of conflict minerals and whether their sourcing may have contributed to human rights abuses.
Vascic Aerial569


“Conflict Minerals” is the term used to describe the following minerals: gold, wolframite, casserite, columbite-tantalite and their derivative metals, which include tin, tungsten and tantalum – no matter where they are mined or smelted. Conflict Minerals are also referred to as “3TGs.”


HII is committed to sourcing components and materials from suppliers that share its ethical values and that support compliance with the SEC regulations on conflict minerals. HII will refrain from obtaining conflict minerals from sources that could result in aiding, directly or indirectly, armed groups operating in the DRC or its adjoining countries when it does not conflict with contractual obligations with the U.S. Government. HII does support the sourcing of conflict minerals from the DRC or its adjoining countries through smelters that have been certified as “conflict-free.”

Satellite: GALAXY 17 (91 degrees west)      

Transponder: Ku Digital 10 – Ch.C (9 Mhz)

Downlink Frequency: 11904.5 

Downlink Polarity: Vertical

FEC: 2/3

Symbol Rate: 7.5

DVBS2, 8PSK TRANSMISSION, 4:2:0, 1080i

Window: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. EST on Saturday, Nov. 19

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